Family History 

  The Trew family, one of the three original landholders in the Benton, Ocoee, and Delano region, continues to live and thrive as they keep the country way of life alive.         Individual members of this family have developed many different skills that have given birth to a variety of enterprises in our local area.

  These folk that have carved out a most resourceful and interesting world continue to live on the land, and do business in the same gentle fashion here in Polk, Bradley and McMinn counties. Their families live, work, and love their communities and the wonderful lifestyle of Eastern Tennessee. Bill Trew, being a fourth-generation farmer, realizes that unless one of his children (or maybe a niece or nephew) decides to carry on that farming tradition, it will end with him. He and Jeannie have been certified organic farming since 2009.

Mission statement

  Trew Organic Farms is dedicated to the idea that the old ways with new understanding can be combined to maintain and develop the existing land, produce natural and healthy foods, and continue to live a most rewarding and beneficial lifestyle. We pledge to promote and support a natural environment for our products, our loved ones and our community at large.

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